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SlickOne is a web framework for an enterprise information system or website project. Some new features have been implemenmted in the solution. The solution is designed for 3-tier distributed system, SOA based system, Repository pattern, POCO entity pattern, mvc/web api architecture. There are some details described here:

The 3-tier distributed layer include: data access layer, buisiness logic layer and web presentation layer.
1. Using micro-ORMapping framework Dapper/DapperExtension for database operation.
2. Using Generic repository pattern to convert data entity and business entity.
3. Using MVC WebAPI to implement service layer/business layer, webapi is a restful style service, we make it to replacte wcf, the reason is that wcf would make you spend much time to maintain xml config in both server and client sides.
4. All business logic are implemented from Interface, it makes concept not depended on the concrete class instance.
5. The IRepository class can be used to implement EF, NHerbinate framework which the user prefered to them.

The SlickOne.Web project would give you a full tutorial how to use the SlickOne library and webapi to create a rich mvc web application. Similarily, there are serveral key features to describe here:

1. Bootstrap3/Mvc(WebApi)/Dapper.
2. AG-Grid/zTree/Bootstrap-Dialog.
3. NavBar in top and left side.
4. Rich page demos in solution.

Online Demo:

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